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Accounting Basic

When establishing a company in Estonia, you can benefit from Jestiyon’s professional support in tax and accounting processes. Jestiyon Estonia packages help you complete your operations smoothly. The Accounting Basic service is ideal for companies without a VAT number and with a monthly transaction volume of 0-20.

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Accounting Pro

As your company’s international commercial activities increase, you may require more comprehensive Estonia accounting services. The Accounting Pro package is suitable for companies without a VAT number and with a monthly transaction volume of 21-50. By availing of the services of Jestiyon Estonia’s expert accountants, you can consistently track your monthly operations and prepare your tax returns comprehensively.

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VAT Application

Companies that reach a certain turnover in European Union countries are required to submit VAT returns. Therefore, when trading in Estonia, you need a VAT number. Jestiyon assists you in getting VAT in Estonia and ensures compliance with tax regulations.

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Startup Visa Application

Estonia is an ideal choice for those looking to establish a company abroad, offering Estonian company tax advantages and digital opportunities. With a startup visa, you can obtain residence and work permits for a period ranging from 1 to 5 years. Jestiyon prepares your visa application and submits it to the relevant committee with the assistance of experts.

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EORI Number

An EORI number is required for import and export transactions with European Union member countries. If you wish to engage in foreign trade in Estonia, you need to obtain this number. Jestiyon completes the necessary legal procedures on your behalf to acquire an EORI number, allowing you to engage in international trade.

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Address and Contact Personnel

Those looking to open a company in Estonia need a business address and a contact person. This address doesn’t necessarily have to be a residence, but you will require a mail forwarding service to receive company documents. Jestiyon offers a business address and contact person service, helping you conduct business in prestigious locations in Estonia.

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Establishing a Company
In Estonia

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  • What Are the Packages Offered by Jestiyon for Establishing a Company in Estonia?


    To determine the cost of company formation in Estonia, you need a deep understanding of all financial and operational processes, considering the various legal procedures involved. Here, Jestiyon’s professional and comprehensive services come to your aid. Jestiyon Estonia packages facilitate the seamless completion of the steps for company formation in Estonia through e-Residency. The services included in this package are as follows:

    • Company formation application with e-Residency
    • Private limited company
    • Payment of state fees
    • Jesty Finder

    Once your application is submitted, a company is established in Estonia within 5 business days, and digital copies of all your company documents are provided to you. You can then use the Jesty Finder to identify the most profitable products, allowing you to embark on your business activities with a strong foundation. Explore Jestiyon Estonia packages and understand the cost of company formation in Estonia, making the process smoother and more efficient.

  • What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing the Packages That Suit You?

    When choosing among Jestiyon’s packages, it’s essential to consider the cost of company formation in Estonia. Entrepreneurs looking to make efficient use of their capital can begin with the fundamental company formation packages. As your business volume in Estonia grows, you can opt for more comprehensive services. Jestiyon offers packages designed for entrepreneurs and those looking to expand their existing operations to foreign markets. This allows you to take steps that align with your budget and goals.
  • What are the Additional Services Jestiyon Offers You?


    To open a company in Estonia, you need to become part of the e-residency system. Upon acceptance into the Estonian e-Residency program, you’ll receive an ID. The company formation procedures are carried out with your Estonia e-Residency card and ID, which will be sent to you. Once Jestiyon’s application for company formation on your behalf is approved, you can explore additional services, including:

    • Company Address: This provides you with a physical address in Estonia where you can receive the company’s physical documents, ensuring smooth document processing. Additionally, a contact person is provided to ensure the seamless handling of paperwork.
    • VAT Number: This Value Added Tax (VAT) number is essential for businesses operating in European Union countries. It indicates the company’s tax liability and facilitates the submission of VAT returns.
    • EORI Number: The Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number is mandatory for companies engaged in import and export activities in Europe.

    Jestiyon also offers two additional services: “Accounting Basic” and “Accounting Pro”, which ensure the smooth progression of accounting and tax procedures, helping you manage the cost of company formation in Estonia effectively. Moreover, Jestiyon’s offerings go beyond these services. With the Startup Visa Application service, you can obtain a residence and work permit in Estonia, providing further opportunities. Explore Jestiyon’s offerings to understand the cost of company formation in Estonia and leverage the available services to meet your business needs.

  • Is It Possible to Upgrade the Package You Choose Later?

    The packages offered by Jestiyon are not bound by commitments, providing flexibility in your choices. You can later upgrade the packages you’ve selected. For example, as your business volume in Estonia grows, you can elevate the Basic Accounting package to the Pro level. This allows you to swiftly adapt to the evolving nature of your commercial activities and align the services with your company’s current needs. Explore Jestiyon’s offerings to understand the cost of company formation in Estonia and make decisions that suit your business’s progression.
  • What are the Benefits of the Packages Jestiyon Offers for Establishing a Company in Estonia?


    Jestiyon, with its team of experts and professional approach, ensures that you won’t face high costs when establishing a company in Estonia. Additionally, it reduces the operational burden that typically arises during this process. When you choose Jestiyon for setting up a company in Estonia, all official procedures are executed on your behalf. Subsequently, you receive all documents, along with their digital copies. This allows you to complete all legal steps comprehensively and stay in control of every stage of the process.

    Another benefit of Jestiyon Estonia packages is their ability to reduce the costs associated with company formation. These packages encompass various services, from application procedures to fee payments, eliminating the need for separate payments for each stage. With Jestiyon, you can confidently launch a profitable venture in Estonia, free from concerns about the cost of establishing a company and the official processes involved.

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