Personal Data Protection and Processing Information Text

This information text is prepared in accordance with Article 10 of Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law“), within the scope of Jestiyon Financial Technologies Inc.’s acting as the data controller, in order to provide information to individuals (“Data Subjects“) about the collection, processing, storage, protection, and destruction processes, methods, and purposes of their personal data, as well as their rights and the methods of exercising these rights in accordance with the Law.

Jestiyon adopts this Privacy Policy and Personal Data text regarding the privacy, use, and other related matters of the information processed about its customers who have started to receive services with the User Service Agreement or its website visitors.

1. We Process Your Personal Data for What Purposes?

In accordance with the law, personal data can only be processed when at least one of the conditions set forth in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law and/or the conditions required by international legislation exist. In this context, as Jestiyon, we process the personal data of our customers/visitors for the following purposes: i) explicitly provided for in the laws, ii) directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract (Products and Services referred to within the scope of the User Service Agreement), iii) fulfillment of obligations imposed by national and international legislation to which we are subject, and iv) within the scope of our legitimate interests, provided that it does not adversely affect the fundamental rights and freedoms of our customers.

In addition to the conditions for processing personal data, in some cases, we may request your explicit consent to process your personal data. In such cases, your personal data is processed limited to the scope of the explicit consent you voluntarily provide. You have the opportunity to withdraw your explicit consent at any time.

In this context, your obtained personal data may be processed by Jestiyon within the framework of national and international legislation, under the personal data processing conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law, and for the purposes listed below:

  • Conducting communications related to the services provided
  • Establishing communication with our customers and managing customer relationships
  • Personalizing and improving your customer experience
  • Providing information about our products or services
  • Managing and resolving your requests and complaints
  • Fulfilling obligations arising from the legislation we are subject to and providing information to authorized institutions and organizations in accordance with the legislation
  • Carrying out financial or accounting operations
  • Establishing information technology infrastructures and conducting processes and operations related to information security, as well as their supervision
  • Defining access authorizations for business partners and suppliers.

2. Whom and for What Purposes Do We Transfer Your Processed Personal Data?

Your personal data may be shared with our suppliers and business partners, including parties with whom we collaborate to provide you with products and services, in order to establish, conduct, and terminate our relationship with you and to provide you with the benefits of products and services. Your personal data may also be legally shared with authorized public institutions and private individuals within the scope of their authorities. In cases where your personal data is shared, we take necessary measures to ensure that the party with whom the data is shared processes and transfers the data in accordance with the rules specified in the Notification and the provisions of the legislation.

Your personal data may be shared with our subsidiaries, business partners, suppliers, and legally authorized public institutions and private organizations in accordance with the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law. It may also be transferred abroad within the framework of the procedures and principles indicated in Article 9 of the Law and decisions of the Personal Data Protection Board, limited to the purposes mentioned in this context. In this framework, your personal data may be shared, limited to the fulfillment of operational requirements and compliance with national and international legal requirements.

Transfer of Your Personal Data Abroad;

  • If your explicit consent is obtained; or
  • If your explicit consent is not obtained but one or more of the other data processing conditions specified in the Law are met:
  • If there is sufficient protection in the country to which the data is transferred, according to the decision of the Personal Data Protection Board;
  • In accordance with the provisions in the relevant laws; or
  • In the absence of sufficient protection in the country to which the data is transferred, our company can undertake sufficient protection in writing together with the Data Controller in the relevant foreign country and obtain the permission of the Personal Data Protection Board.

3. What Are Our Methods of Personal Data Collection and the Legal Basis for Our Collection?

We can collect and process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Policy, the Law, and other relevant regulations, through written, verbal, electronic, image/audio recording methods, or physically by meeting with you.

Our data collection process may occur through: i) Digital channels or software, including the website, mobile applications, emails, recruitment portals; ii) Contracts, applications, forms, call centers, remote support, sales and marketing units, cookies on websites, business cards, and phones; or iii) Face-to-face meetings with the Data Subject.

The collection of personal data is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Policy, the Law, and other relevant legislation.

4. What Are Your Rights as a Data Subject?

In accordance with Article 11 of the Law, the data subject has the following rights against the data controller:

  • To learn whether personal data concerning oneself is being processed.
  • If personal data has been processed, to request information about it.
  • To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose.
  • To know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred, domestically or abroad.
  • To request the correction of incomplete or inaccurate personal data.
  • To request the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the relevant legislation.
  • To request that the transactions made as a result of correction, deletion, or destruction requests be notified to the third parties to whom personal data has been transferred.
  • To demand the compensation of damages in case of harm due to the unlawful processing of personal data.
  • To object to the occurrence of a result against oneself by the analysis of processed data solely through automated systems.

We respond to individuals who wish to exercise these rights within a maximum of thirty days, in accordance with the Law. To enable third parties to apply on behalf of the data subject, a special power of attorney issued through a notary on behalf of the person making the application must be submitted.

Although your applications are generally processed free of charge, if the Personal Data Protection Board determines a fee schedule, fees may be charged based on this schedule.

To determine whether the applicant is the relevant person, we may request information from the data subject, and to clarify the issues stated in the application, we may ask questions related to the person’s application.

To exercise the rights mentioned above, you can contact us through the following contact information:

Data Controller: Jestiyon Finansal Teknolojileri A.Ş.
Address: Merdivenköy Mah. Dikyol Sokak No:2A İç Kapı No: 138 Kadıköy/İstanbul
MERSIS No: 04842154576000001
Trade Registry No: 411652-5
Phone: +90 850 242 30 60

If the information provided in the application is incomplete or incorrect, if the request is not clearly stated, if supporting documents for the request are not submitted or not submitted properly, or if a power of attorney is not attached in applications made through a representative, we may have difficulty in fulfilling your requests and delays may occur in the investigation process. Therefore, it is important to comply with these conditions in the exercise of your rights. In case of non-compliance, our company will not be responsible for any delays. Our company reserves its legal rights in case of incorrect, false, or malicious applications.


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