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Turn your business idea into reality by starting a company in Turkey with Jestiyon. You can open a company in Turkey’s most prestigious locations and start your commercial activities right away.

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Manage your company’s financial activities in Turkey with ease using Jestiyon’s comprehensive accounting program. Keep all payment and collection information for customers, suppliers, and partners in one place, easily handle your current accounts, and monitor expenses on the go. With Jestiyon’s user-friendly expense management feature, you can track payments through the mobile app and upload expense documents by snapping a picture.

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Jesty, one of Jestiyon’s exclusive services, is an application designed to assist investors looking to open a company in Turkey. Jesty Finder is a standout service that provides significant advantages to e-commerce businesses. The application helps you identify the most profitable products and make your trade more efficient. Moreover, Jesty allows you to analyze the products you want to sell on globally recognized international marketplaces.

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Asked Questions

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  • How to Establish a Company in Turkey with Jestiyon?


    To open a new company in Turkey, register with Jestiyon online in seconds, complete the application process by answering a few questions without any paperwork. Your financial advisor will upload the necessary documents according to your company type and process your applications with the relevant authorities. Your business establishment is finalized within 1 day at the latest.

  • What are the Documents Required for Establishing a Company in Turkey?


    For starting a company in Turkey as a foreigner, you’ll need specific documents. Documents required to start a company in Turkey as follows:

    • Your identification photo’s
    • A list of your intended business activities
    • If the business location is owned by you, the title deed
    • If the business location is rented, a rental agreement
    • For business activities using a vehicle, the vehicle registration document
    • If you own a new vehicle, the vehicle invoice
    • For used vehicles, a notarized sales contract
    • For leased vehicles, the rental agreement

    These documents are essential to open a company in Turkey as a foreigner.

  • How is the Company Establishment Process carried out with Jestiyon?


    After the application process, inspectors from your affiliated tax office visit your location to verify the address and other company information. Following this visit, your tax plate is generated and uploaded into the system. You can conveniently track all these procedures through Jestiyon’s mobile application or web interface when you open a company in Turkey.

  • Is It Possible to Manage the Financial Process of Your Enterprise in Turkey with Jestiyon?


    Jestiyon offers a comprehensive platform that enables both you and financial advisors to easily manage your financial processes and maintain constant communication. This software empowers you to handle all financial procedures through expert financial consultants and finance specialists when you open a company in Turkey.

  • What are the Advantages of Establishing a Company in Turkey with Jestiyon?


    The benefits of opening a company in Turkey are many with Jestiyon. Jestiyon’s proficient professionals offer you an easy-to-use platform, allowing you to establish your company in Turkey without leaving your place. Plus, you can conveniently access various post-setup needs, including financial consulting, preliminary accounting, e-Invoice, Virtual Office, Trademark Registration, and Jesty Finder, all at attractive prices, making the process of open a company in Turkey hassle-free.

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